Each book is as unique as its author. My approach to collaborating with you will be tailored to your project's needs, and our collaboration begins with determining how I can best help you.  Prospective clients should email a description of your project. If it sounds like we would be a good match, I will request a brief sample of your work. After I review your material, I will call you to discuss your goals and then come up with a plan and an estimate. Services I provide include:


Proposal Development

Agents and editors review hundreds of proposals every year, and only the best stand out. Through phone conversations and an in-depth review of your material, I will help you organize, shape, and express your idea so that publishing professionals are as excited about its prospects as you are.


Developmental Editing

Once I understand your vision for your book, I will work with you to give it a solid structure, clarity, and potency, all delivered in your distinct voice. I will provide a written editorial response and we will discuss that feedback so you can plan your revisions and strategize about next steps


Book Doctoring

Some projects require a closer collaboration. A book doctor digs deep, rearranging material to create the best flow, reworking troublesome passages, and cutting what’s not essential to the project. After getting a clear idea of what your goals are for the book and developing a thorough understanding of your voice, I will make revisions and get the book into shape.


To write a great book, you need a powerful idea or a compelling story (or both), but you also need time and energy.  You may have the idea or the story, but not enough time in your busy schedule to get your ideas out of your brain and onto the page. Through thoughtful interviews and by reading whatever material you provide—be it blog posts, research notes, articles, or a journal—I will translate your ideas and your story into a thoughtfully structured book that sounds like you. The goal is to produce a book that is very much your own.


As a project nears completion, the big-picture is already clear but the finer details may need adjustments as they come into focus. I will polish your writing line-by-line, making suggestions for places to trim, tighten, enliven, or clarify.



I love to read fiction, but my strength is editing nonfiction. If you have written novel or short story, I would be happy to refer you to an experienced fiction editor.