In the 50 years I’ve spent writing and publishing books, the greatest good fortune I’ve known is the pure joy of being edited and published by Becky Cole. Although I’ve had many editors in five decades, I have never felt as accompanied as I did when I was working with Becky. What I needed was a delicate balance of strict literary guidance and a tender editorial heart. I got both from Becky. It’s no exaggeration to say that Becky made me not only a better writer of better books but also a better human being. There could be no greater gift for a writer. 

Meredith Maran, author of The New Old Me, Why We Write About Ourselves, Why We Write, and ten other books

Becky Cole is the best of the best. Reading her brilliant, incisive notes on my manuscript, I'd often wonder, 'Is this even allowed? This feels like cheating.’ Becky can hold an entire book in her head at once and flip through it as though the pages were right in front of her. Truly, Becky often saw my story more clearly than I did.

Becky understands that good editing is not one size fits all. She taught me the importance of showing what’s at stake, and helped me figure out how to do it. No matter how messy the words I sent her, Becky could always spot the story underneath them and dig it right out. Time and again, Becky helped me find the clarity I needed to rewrite with fidelity to my original vision. Working with Becky was one of the most enriching and meaningful parts of writing my book. I carry her wisdom with me into my future projects, with gratitude.

Jessica Fechtor, New York Times bestselling author of Stir

“Our book would still not be done without Becky’s expertise. The process (and probably the book) would have sucked. She pushed us to go deeper in our writing and be more complete in our storytelling.”


I’ve worked with Becky Cole on two memoirs and a novel. She employs both a marvelous intuition and a precise eye toward craft to thoughtfully shape each book into the best possible version of itself. Her respect of an author’s voice and vision is remarkable, as is her passion for literature. Having Becky as my editor was one of the great gifts of my creative life.

Jillian Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of Some Girls, Pretty, and Everything You Ever Wanted

“I am so grateful for Becky’s capacity to stay the course and for her ever-bright, timely, skilled writing. A better collaborator in storytelling will not be found.”

twyla tharp, choreographer and author of KEEP IT MOVING

I highly recommend Becky Cole’s editing services. She did a fantastic job of organizing the quite complex material in my books. Her editing skills and her focus are superb. She has a gift for simultaneously seeing the big picture and keeping an exacting eye on the details. She is comfortable with truly digging in and shaping material, providing the strongest possible structure, and aligning herself with an author's goals. She has a keen intellect, many years of practical editing experience, tact, and shows great courtesy. Even when I made some boneheaded writing mistakes, she guided and corrected me in a very kind, supportive way. She is enthusiastic and a real pro at helping good writers become great writers.  

James Wesley Rawles, New York Times Bestselling Author of How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It  

“Writing a book is brutal—or it was for me and there’s no way I could have done it without Becky.   Becky is smart and direct, funny, tough, and wise.  She pushed me to go deeper with every story even when I insisted that I was shallow and dumb. Working with Becky changed my writing; she gave it depth.”

Lauren Weedman, bestselling author of Miss Fortune

Becky Cole is a writer’s angel. As a first time non-fiction author, she guided me into clear expression, helped with book structure, kept me on schedule with deadlines, and offered encouragement as well as tough critique. After hearing about 'editor problems' from other writers, I was relieved to have a positive writing experience with Becky. She cares about the projects she edits, bringing out the best in herself and the author. Be wise and partner with Becky—you’ll have the consummate editor.

Carolyn Conger, PhD, author of Through the Dark Forest

"Becky is fast on her feet and clearly understands how to read authors.  Chasing Hope is a complicated, multi-faceted book.  Becky helped me develop a strong structure, never my strong suit.  She saw what I was trying to do and helped me find a way to make it work.  And Becky is fun.  I truly enjoyed working with her.

Richard Cohen, author of Chasing Hope